Towada Solar Partnering With Semitech Semiconductor On Energy Management


Semitech Semiconductor, a provider of power-line communications solutions for the smart grid, says its SM6401 power-line communications SoC has been incorporated into a solar module monitoring system by Towada Group's Qool Technology.

Headquartered in Akita, Japan, Towada Solar Co. is a provider of residential solar panels and PLC platforms that let users remotely manage and control solar modules. By allowing connectivity via PLC between utilities and homeowners, utilities and solar producers can now communicate power information in real time, collect power generation information and provide an energy-management platform, the companies explain.

‘Through communicating power generation information between households and the smart grid, we allow consumers to maximize the efficiency of the solar modules and know firsthand how much energy is being produced and provided to the power grid,’ says Noboru Yuze, CEO of Towada Solar Co. Ltd.

SOURCE: Semitech Semiconductor

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