Trina Solar Reaches New High With P-Type Mono PERC Cells

Trina Solar Ltd. has achieved an average efficiency of 21.1% for its industrially produced P-type monocrystalline cells (156 x 156 mm2) with passivated emitter and rear cell (PERC) technology, and the company says the solar modules using these high-efficiency cells reached an output power of 300 W (60 psc cells). Trina Solar tested the results in-house.

Built with advanced rear passivation technology, the P-type monocrystilline PERC cells were fabricated on a large-size industrial boron-doped Cz-Si substrate and were developed on the company’s “golden” pilot production line with standard industrial production materials and processes.

Dr. Pierre Verlinden, vice president and chief scientist at Trina Solar, says, “We will not stop here as we continue to relentlessly develop low-cost yet highly efficient solar products.”

Dr. Zhiqiang Feng, vice president of Trina Solar and director of the State Key Laboratory of PV Science and Technology, adds, “As demand for high-efficiency cells increases, our R&D team’s achievement in raising the average efficiency of our industrially produced monocrystalline PERC cells will help accelerate the applications of high-efficiency solar products and build a solid foundation for further reductions in the [levelized cost of electricity]. These efforts should help bolster the widespread adoption of solar energy on a global scale as well as enable the earlier arrival of grid parity.”


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