Tucson Electric Power Introduces Bright Roofs Solar PV Program


Tucson Electric Power (TEP) says it will build new grid-tied solar arrays on the roofs of large public buildings to help serve a growing demand for renewable power under its new TEP Bright Roofs program.

Through the program, the company plans to lease space atop schools and other public facilities for the development of 11 MW of new TEP-owned solar generating capacity over the next three years. TEP Bright Roofs will feed solar energy directly into TEP's local distribution grid.

The program is designed for buildings with at least 50,000 square feet of flat rooftop space, enough room for a photovoltaic system that generates about 250 kW, TEP says. For instance, a high school with 200,000 square feet of available roof space could host a 1 MW system.

TEP Bright Roofs will incorporate T5 Solar Roof Tile systems from SunPower Corp. of San Jose, Calif. The system can be installed without roof penetrations, making it relatively easy to remove the system for roof maintenance or recoating, TEP notes.


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