Unirac Supplies Racking System For Minneapolis PV Project


Unirac Inc., a provider of infrastructure for solar power systems, says it has been selected by Westwood Professional Services to supply an ISYS Roof Mount (IRM) custom racking solution for the recently completed 600 kW solar array atop the Minneapolis Convention Center.

The array consists of 2,613 PV modules that produce approximately 750 MWh of electricity per year. The Minneapolis Convention Center site's northern latitude required a mounting product that could offer an acute angle tilt in order to best capture solar gain, Unirac says. An irregular rooftop design with slopes in multiple directions also required the utilization of adjustable feet to ensure an array in plane or level with the roof.

Additionally, the location presented harsh climatic elements such as snow drifts up to eight feet high and loads of more than 100 pounds per square foot. These challenges were met by a customized IRM configured to a 30-degree tilt to optimize solar capture and output.

SOURCE: Unirac

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