Vermont Utility Offers Customers Chance To Go Off-Grid

Vermont-based utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) says it is providing customers the opportunity to go off-grid with a new package of products and services to increase energy independence and reduce carbon emissions. The product offering is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of each home or business and can include solar, battery storage, home automation and more, according to the utility.

“This off-grid suite of products illustrates very well where energy is going and for us at GMP – we are not only part of the transformation, we are leading the revolution toward clean, affordable, local and highly reliable power,” says GMP President and CEO Mary Powell. “Our energy future is one where more of our energy is generated closer to where it is needed and is home, business and community based. We are excited to partner with customers in a way that leverages innovation to deliver a more cost-effective, reliable and cleaner energy system.”

Combining solar and battery storage, the off-grid package provides customers with the option to generate and store clean power for their home that would otherwise come from the grid. The package is customized for each customer and includes an energy efficiency audit in partnership with Efficiency Vermont, a solar array, battery storage, home automation controls that allow customers to easily manage energy resources and usage, and a generator for backup that may be used for short periods of time if needed. In addition to producing their own clean energy, customers will have a flat monthly fee for their energy instead of the fluctuations they experience today, adds GMP.

“At GMP, we are laser focused on driving down costs for all of our customers, which is why customers are paying less today than they were three years ago,” states Powell.

GMP says having more customers go off-grid may allow the utility to retire line sections over time, reducing maintenance costs that will directly lower costs for customers. In addition, off-grid homes will no longer contribute to costly system peaks during peak summer energy days, lowering costs further and reducing the need to build and maintain lines to meet that demand.

Customers interested in the pilot program will work with a GMP energy services advisor to customize the system that is right for their home or business, the utility notes.


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