Which Large-Scale Solar O&M Providers Dominated N.A. In 2015?

An analysis from IHS Technology reveals the top three North American megawatt-scale solar PV operations and maintenance (O&M) providers of 2015.

According to the report, North America’s megawatt-scale PV O&M market revenue hit $300 million last year, with the top three providers capturing 44% of the market.

Taking more than a 25% market share, First Solar led the way last year. SunEdison and SunPower were second and third with 11% and 7% market shares, respectively. The IHS report notes that each of the three companies is vertically integrated.

Furthermore, the report says that the recent bankruptcy of SunEdison could offer opportunities for other O&M providers.

“The company’s gigawatt-scale operations portfolio in North America is at risk of being sold off, presenting opportunities for PV owners and operators with the budget and appetite for additional project acquisition,” says the report.

The IHS analysis is available here.


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