XsunX Partnering With MAG Industrial Automation Systems

XsunX Inc., a developer of hybrid thin-film photovoltaic solar cell technologies, has teamed with MAG Industrial Automation Systems, a provider of industrial manufacturing systems, assembly and engineering services.

Under the agreement, MAG will provide XsunX customers with global service and parts support for its CIGSolar cell manufacturing lines. XsunX and MAG have also agreed to work on specific requirements for back-end process equipment for XsunX customers who are requesting to have a complete turnkey solar module assembly line. The XsunX CIGSolar system is designed to deliver what is commonly called the front-end process where the solar cells are made.

MAG will now work with XsunX to provide a module assembly line that is capable of assembling the cells into modules for a complete turnkey factory to produce CIGSolar modules.



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