Yingli Announces Start Of Construction For 400 kW Bifacial PV Plant

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd., a China-based solar panel manufacturer, says that Tempress Systems B.V., part of the Amtech Group, has begun to construct Europe’s largest bifacial PV plant with a capacity of nearly 400 kW.

According to Yingli, the project is located next to the headquarters of Tempress, located in Vaassen in the Netherlands, and is expected to be completed in the second quarter. It is expected that the annual energy production of the project will exceed 400 MWh.

“We are proud to be the first in Europe to install a bifacial PV plant of such a large size,” says Albert Hasper, general manager of Tempress. “Besides electricity generation, this plant will also be used as a showcase to prove the benefits of using bifacial module technology.”

The manufacturer says that the project will contain 1,428 of Yingli’s PANDA Bifacial modules with a nominal peak power ranging from 275 W to 280 W each. The PANDA Bifacial module contains n-type crystalline silicon solar cells based on the n-PERT technology jointly developed by Yingli, Tempress and ECN, which can generate power not only from the front side, but also from the rear side by making use of the reflected photons that hit the module on the back side.

Therefore, the company says, the power yield of the PANDA Bifacial module can be increased by up to 30% compared with a monofacial standard module. In addition, the n-type crystalline silicon solar cells used by the PANDA Bifacial module are more sensitive for low-light conditions than regular p-type cells.

As noted, the PANDA Bifacial module contains two layers of 2.5 mm-thick tempered glass, which replace the conventional back sheet and glass structure. It also bears a 30-year-linear warranty, exceeding the lifetime of standard modules. Further, the PANDA Bifacial module has been independently tested for harsh environmental conditions, such as exposure to salt mist, ammonia and known PID risk factors.

According to Yingli, the project has been designed by Schulz Systemtechnik BV, which will also do the installation. The modules will be mounted on a fixed rack specially designed for bifacial modules and are produced by Benz Alusysteme GmbH. Each module will be equipped with micro-inverters from APsystems to ensure optimal energy generation and to monitor the performance of each module.

“We are glad to receive substantial orders for our PANDA Bifacial module, which was recently introduced during the SNEC exhibition in Shanghai, May 2016, and has been improved through our continuously technology innovation,” says Dengyuan Song, chief technology officer of Yingli. “Tempress and ECN are our strategic partners for many years, and this innovative product is a result of this long-term collaboration.”

This project was granted with an SDE+ subsidy from the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs to encourage the production of renewable energy in the Netherlands.


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