ZNShine To Incorporate Ampt-Equipped Optimizers Into Modules


ZNShine, a China-based manufacturer of silicon ingots, wafers and solar photovoltaic modules, has entered into a partnership with Ampt to offer global customers a so-called smart solar module.

Under the terms of the partnership, ZNShine will incorporate Ampt's power-conversion technology in its solar modules via Shoals Technologies' MultiLink junction box. According to Ampt, this technology will allow ZNShine to deliver more energy per module.

Ampt says its optimizers maximize output by delivering the full available power of each solar module and recovering lost energy from non-uniform degradation. The ZNShine modules will also lower the cost of other system components, including the central or string inverter, cabling and combiner boxes in order to decrease overall PV system cost and reduce the levelized cost of energy, Ampt adds.

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