Apex Building Large Energy Storage Sites with Powin Technology


Apex Clean Energy and Powin LLC are working on a pair of new battery storage projects in Texas: Angelo Storage, co-located with the 195 MW Angelo Solar Project, and Great Kiskadee Storage.

Apex developed and will construct, own and operate the projects, each of which will deliver 100 MW/200 MWh of capacity to the Texas grid with a two-hour battery duration. Powin is providing its Centipede platform and StackOS battery management system.

StackOS provides energy arbitrage and ancillary grid services to the ERCOT market, which are critical for maintaining grid reliability. The storage systems will absorb excess solar or wind generation when demand is low and discharge when energy usage is high, ensuring adequate power supply while allowing the grid to operate more efficiently and flexibly.

“As Texas experiences more extreme weather conditions in both summer and winter months, there’s a growing need for cleaner and more reliable energy,” says Geoff Brown, CEO of Powin. “With visibility and control down to the battery cell level, our platform can respond to changing grid conditions in real-time. As these new storage projects are deployed, ERCOT customers in the region will have the assurance of a climate-resilient grid backed by Powin’s technology.”

“Texas already leads the nation in operating wind and solar capacity; adding battery storage will support ERCOT with grid reliability, encouraging additional renewable development in the Lone Star State,” adds Mark Goodwin, president and CEO of Apex. “Battery storage is a crucial component of our nation’s energy transition, and Apex is investing accordingly, with 11.6 GW of utility-scale storage in our development portfolio.

Together, the projects will generate more than $24.4 million in tax revenue and approximately 100 jobs during construction.

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