Fla. Court Denies Solar Groups’ Last-Ditch Effort To Block Amendment

Posted by Joseph Bebon on November 04, 2016 2 Comments
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It appears the fate of Florida’s solar industry will be up to state voters, after all. On Friday, the Florida Supreme Court denied the motions for legal filings against Amendment 1, a utility-backed ballot measure that many local and national solar advocates strongly oppose.

Earlier this week, Floridians for Solar Choice (FSC) and the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association (FlaSEIA) filed legal actions requesting that the court revisit the case involving Amendment 1 and ultimately remove the measure from the upcoming general election ballot.

In their requests, FSC and FlaSEIA claimed that new evidence, including leaked audio, proved that Amendment 1 is designed to intentionally mislead voters. Although Consumers for Smart Solar, the group that proposed the measure, claims Amendment 1 is pro-solar and “protects Florida consumers from scams, rip-offs and unfair subsidies,” solar advocates charge that the amendment could open the door for state utilities to implement fees on solar customers and change solar-friendly policies, such as net metering.

Dr. Stephen A. Smith, board member of FSC, had called the legal actions “insurance,” and in a statement following the court’s denial, he said, “We wanted to give the court an opportunity to clean up the mess they have made by approving this amendment for the ballot.” (The Florida Supreme Court narrowly approved the amendment’s language in a 3-4 vote earlier this year.)

“Now its game on,” continued Smith. “We have a Solar Uprising happening in the Sunshine State. We ask everyone to Vote No On 1, and we look forward to Tuesday when we will kill this once and for all.”

Patrick Altier, president of FlaSEIA, added, “We are disappointed by today’s decision from the Florida Supreme Court as we know Amendment 1 to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We strongly believe the proposed ballot measure is deceptive and call upon the citizens of Florida to vote no [on] Amendment 1.”

On Thursday, national groups the Sierra Club and the Solar Energy Industries Association rallied in Florida in opposition of Amendment 1, and the campaign against the measure has garnered media coverage from across the country. Florida residents will cast their votes this Tuesday, Nov. 8.


  1. I expected no less from all these corrupt politicians who are owned by the monopoly power utilities. Once again they have demonstrated that they only protect the big monopoly utilities and not the Florida consumers. All we can do is keep voting these corrupt politicians out of office. Vote NO! on Trojan horse amendment 1.

    • more proof of our “post truth” era? But, on another topic, how many solar thermal water heating installs have u seen in your ideal climate? when did u last go up on your roof & clean your panels? How many conventional elect power plants have been decommissioned since all this wonderful pv power entered the grid? how much efficiency is lost at the REAL power plant when it has to adjust its steady state production to compensate for the 4 – 6 hours of possible pv production? how much arable land have u lost to the pv “farm” & the herbicides used to control vegetation? If we could only reduce consumption! howbout a ban on McMansions & A/C, swimming pool pumps & heaters, second homes, electric cars & & & politicians? How effective is wind power in your locale? concentrating solar thermal seems to have failed? how can that be? I know i can give an ant a suntan with a magnifying glass!

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