Invenergy Plans 700 MW Of Solar And Wind For Long Island

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Chicago-based Invenergy has announced plans to develop a portfolio of wind and solar farms totaling over 700 MW designed to deliver renewable energy to Long Island, N.Y.

Collectively called the Clean Energy Link, the proposed project will consist of four new wind farms totaling 478 MW and two new solar farms totaling 223 MW located within the 12-state PJM regional power market. In a press release, Invenergy says the renewable energy projects will be built across more than 55,000 acres in rural areas in multiple states. The company says the power will be delivered to Long Island from PJM via a new buried HVDC transmission line, ending at a net-zero converter station on Long Island. According to the Clean Energy Link website, Invenergy has partnered with Anbaric, a Boston-based electricity infrastructure company, on the project.

invenergy-842x1024 Invenergy Plans 700 MW Of Solar And Wind For Long Island

Invenergy claims this portfolio approach provides economies of scale and diversification in technology and geography that will deliver residents of Long Island reliable, clean renewable power at the lowest cost possible. The company says it is offering the Clean Energy Link in response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 50% by 2030 clean energy standard for New York, and the project could serve as a major step in meeting that statewide goal by tripling Long Island’s renewable resources portfolio

“We’re here today because of Governor Cuomo’s commitment to the environment and to securing electricity from renewables at an unprecedented scale,” said Michael Polsky, Invenergy’s founder and CEO. “Innovation is in our DNA, and we answered his call for new thinking.”

Polsky added, “Pairing renewable energy with new dedicated transmission will bring low-cost wind and solar energy to where it is needed in densely populated areas, such as Long Island and New England.”

Inside chart courtesy of the Clean Energy Link website. Cover photo is a stock image.

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