Alanod-Solar Opens Welding Facility For Solar Thermal Absorbers


Alanod-Solar has inaugurated a new dedicated high-capacity laser-welding facility located in North Ridgeville, Ohio. This facility will manufacture and distribute the company's laser-welded Miro-Fin absorber fins for solar thermal collectors.
In its new facility, Alanod-Solar laser welds absorber surfaces to copper or aluminum tubing to produce an absorber fin called Miro-Fin. This new Miro-Fin product is configured to meet the unique demands of solar thermal designs in North America, according to the company.

The new continuous laser-welding line is run by Alanod Westlake Metal Industries, a subsidiary of Alanod, and is currently operational. Its production capacity exceeds 5 million square feet of absorber fins per year. The facility employees 20 individuals and is used for production, warehousing and distribution purposes.

SOURCE: Alanod-Solar

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