Duke Energy Renewables Buys Six N.C. Solar Projects


Duke Energy Renewables has obtained six 5 MW solar projects from development and construction company Community Energy. Gehrlicher Solar America Corp., a division of M&W Americas Inc., constructed the projects, and about 135,000 solar modules were installed on the six sites.

According to the company, the following facilities will collectively generate enough energy from solar to power approximately 6,000 North Carolina homes:

  • Tarboro Solar, located in Edgecombe;
  • Winton Solar, located in Hertford;
  • Seaboard Solar, located in Northampton;
  • Woodland Solar, located in Northampton;
  • Gaston Solar, located in Northampton; and
  • Garysburg Solar, located in Northampton.

The output from the projects is being sold under 15-year agreements to Dominion NC Power. Five of the projects are currently in service, and the final project, Seaboard, is expected to come online this month.

Thus far, Duke Energy companies have installed around 450 MW of solar energy in North Carolina and expect to invest about $3 billion more during the next five years.

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