AlsoEnergy Adds New Features To Monitoring Software


AlsoEnergy, a provider of renewable energy monitoring and portfolio management software, says it has made several new reporting and collaboration enhancements to its cloud-based PowerTrack Energy Management Services software.

With the new individual utility billing integration, users can integrate individual real-time utility rate schedules with different time-of-day charges. This service provides a more accurate predictive analysis data platform on which developers and financiers can establish invoicing, AlsoEnergy says.

With newly detailed monitoring, PowerTrack can create interactive reports including production and consumption comparisons, demand reduction, actual revenue versus predicted revenue and live performance data.

Additionally, users can now create custom dashboards that can graphically display real-time performance data down to the individual module level, allowing users to quickly identify performance issues.

PowerTrack can also be paired with PowerLobby, a customizable marketing display for end users that can show data such as sun tracking, the number of kilowatt-hours saved, information about the end-user's sustainability goals or other customer-oriented messaging.

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