Aqua America Inaugurates New PV Plant


Aqua America Inc., a publicly traded water utility, says it has completed its fourth solar installation at one of its water treatment facilities. Subsidiary Aqua Pennsylvania Inc. has inaugurated a 1.5 MW solar farm located on 6.5 acres of ground at the site of Aqua's Pickering water treatment plant in Schuylkill Township, Chester County, Penn.

Aqua's first solar facility was constructed in 2009 at its Ingram's Mill water treatment plant in East Bradford Township, Chester County. The 1 MW farm was built on 4.5 acres of land and has reduced grid-tied usage by 1.3 GWh during the past 12 months, according to Aqua America. The company's New Jersey subsidiary constructed two solar farms at treatment facilities last year.

All four projects alleviate congestion on the PJM grid, resulting in additional savings to all consumers by reducing line losses and congestion charges during daytime hours, Aqua America adds.

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