Asahi/America Introduces Miniature Modular Technology


Asahi/America Inc., a provider of fluid-handling systems, has expanded its line of high-purity fluid-flow products to include the newly developed Series 9M Miniature Modular Technology (MMT) from EM-TECHNIK.

MMT allows for maximum fluid flow processing in the most compact spaces, the company says. Series 9 components are easily combined and bolted down to a base plate to create easily replaced or configured manifolds. Components include diaphragm valves, ball valves, check valves, flow meters and regulators.

The reduced dimensions of Series 9 MMT allow for efficient use of space, resulting in lower assembly and maintenance costs, Asahi/America adds. With a maximum cross-section of 3 mm for all manifold modules, fewer components are required with less medium in the system.

Asahi/America Inc.: (781) 321-5409

SOURCE: Asahi/America Inc.

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