AT&T Partners With Petra Solar


AT&T says it is partnering with Petra Solar to help the company market its SunWave solar electric system, which is designed to be installed directly on utility distribution poles and grid-integrated at each site.

The SunWave system operates as an individual power-generation station, combining solar power, smart grid and power management technologies to enable utilities to improve power quality and grid management, Petra Solar says. The partnership with AT&T will allow SunWave systems to achieve real-time communications between the field and the utility control center.

‘This program, which is part of our Solar 4 All initiative, brings the benefits of solar energy to every community we serve, while also creating much-needed green jobs in manufacturing and installation. Public Service Electric and Gas Co.'s (PSE&G) programs to promote energy efficiency, develop renewables and accelerate infrastructure investments are putting hundreds of New Jersey residents to work at this critical time,’ says Ralph LaRossa, president and chief operating officer of PSE&G.

The joint offering from AT&T and Petra Solar is currently available throughout North America.


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