Banyan Announces Licensing Opportunity For Solar Modules


Banyan Energy has announced a licensing model that the Silicon Valley start-up claims allows companies to leverage their existing production infrastructure to manufacture Banyan-designed solar photovoltaic modules for less than $0.30/W.

The company says its patent-protected, optically enhanced module architecture uses 80% less silicon than mainstream solar panels and eliminates the need for module lamination. Banyan adds its modules, used with standard single- or dual-axis tracker systems, provide a low-concentration photovoltaic alternative in utility-scale projects in high-insolation regions.

“Banyan Energy brings very-low-cost solar manufacturing within reach for expansion-minded companies,” comments Paul Clayson, CEO of Banyan Energy.  “We are much more than a solar technology provider; we offer a way for companies to license innovation and keep their R&D spending in check.”

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