Baumer Introduces Optical Inspection Cameras For Solar Wafer Inspection


Baumer, a manufacturer of sensors and system solutions for factory and process automation, has introduced the HXC20NIR and HXC40NIR CMOS cameras, which are designed to measure electroluminescence and deliver high sensitivity in the near-infrared light spectrum.

According to the company, the new HXC20NIR and HXC40NIR cameras are twice as sensitive as units with monochrome technology at a wave length of 900 nanometers, using electroluminescence to effectively detect fractures and failures in the crystal structure of a solar wafer. Â

The images provided by these cameras give information on the integrity and effectiveness of each wafer prior to the next processing step. Structural defects within the wafer can be easily detected, enabling better quality control in any wafer-handling process, the company adds.

The cameras support several image formats, with up to 12 bits per pixel, and are equipped with a flexible CameraLink interface that permits the high frame rates in both base (3 taps) and full (10 taps) modes, Baumer says.

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