BNA Tax & Accounting Launches Green Incentives Navigator Library


BNA Tax & Accounting has launched the Green Incentives Navigator Library, an online reference service providing tools to research and stay current on federal and state credits and incentives for individuals and businesses that use renewable energy sources and promote energy conservation.

Green Incentives Navigator features exclusive analysis organized by jurisdiction (federal/state) and incentive type and provides such fundamentals as amount, limitations, definitions and who is eligible to apply. Coverage includes tax incentives and non-tax incentives.

A chart builder allows users to specify criteria and create a chart quickly and with ease. Amounts, dates, eligibility, transferability, refundability and references/ancillary matters can be included in the chart.

The service also includes supporting documents and information on Internal Revenue Code rules, Treasury regulations, state tax statutes, state tax regulations and tax forms.

SOURCE: BNA Tax & Accounting

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