Bonfiglioli USA Rolls Out Integrated Modular Inverter


Bonfiglioli USA, a designer and manufacturer of speed reducers, gear motors and controllers for renewable energy applications, has introduced the RPS450-TL photovoltaic inverter at the Solar Power International show in Anaheim, Calif.

According to Bonfiglioli USA, the inverter represents the industry's first integrated, modular solar power inverter system, and is ideal for applications between 30 kW and 1 MW.

The RPS450-TL offers modular construction that combines all components of a solar power inverter – UL1741 construction and performance, fast response maximum power point tracking, extensive power plant monitoring and high reliability – in a single, compact unit, Bonfiglioli explains. The system allows for the integration of string combiner boxes, monitoring and a data logger that provides 24-hour access to top-performing solar energy sites and allows operators to identify maintenance issues, the company adds.

Bonfiglioli USA: (859) 334-3333

SOURCE: Bonfiglioli USA

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