BT Imaging Releases Solar Wafer Quality-Control System


BT Imaging Pty. Ltd. (BTi), a Sydney, Australia-based supplier of luminescence-based inspection and quality-control systems for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, has introduced the QS-W1, a system designed to qualify the electrical quality of as-cut wafers in production.

The QS-W1, the industry's first automated electrical wafer quality sorter, enables photovoltaic manufacturers to sort and reject as-cut wafers based on photovoltaic performance and maximize solar cell yield and efficiency, the company says. Utilizing BTi's proprietary second-generation patented photoluminescence imaging technology, the QS-W1 is 10 times faster than previous-generation systems, enabling inspection at production speeds for the first time, BTi adds.

Initially targeting as-cut multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic wafers, BTi has a road map in place to address the needs of monocrystalline wafers and all photovoltaic cells at various stages of production. The QS-W1 is currently in extensive testing with photovoltaic wafer and cell makers, the company says.

The QS-W1 will start shipping to beta customers in the third quarter of this year. BTi is expecting orders now.

BT Imaging Pty. Ltd: (408) 858-8801

SOURCE: BT Imagine Pty. Ltd.

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