Calisolar’s Former Cell Production Facility To Be Auctioned Off


Heritage Global Partners says it will conduct a global online auction of a fully automated, commercial-scale PV wafer and cell processing line currently owned and operated by solar silicon manufacturer Silicor Materials, formerly known as Calisolar, in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Consistent with the plan Silicor Materials outlined last September, the company's core product continues to be silicon for PV cells. As the company focuses now on expanding silicon production capacity with a new facility in Mississippi, the equipment for PV cell production is no longer needed, according to Heritage Global Partners.

Silicor Materials' PV assets will first be offered as a complete production unit, either with or without associated intellectual property. All bulk offers must be submitted before March 21. In the event that a bulk offer is not accepted by close of business on March 21, Heritage Global Partners will commence with an auction of piecemeal assets on March 22 and 23.

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