Cenergy Appoints Two New Management Positions


Solar Thin Films Inc. has announced new additions to the management staff of Cenergy Global Corp., its wholly owned subsidiary: Shlomo Ariel will serve as Cenergy's new president and director, and Adiv Baruch has joined as chairman of the board. In addition, the two will serve as board members of Solar Thin Films Inc.

Ariel brings extensive experience in general management and leadership. Since 2005, he has served as vice president of Israel business development at New York-based Wolfson Group. Prior to that, he had co-founded Ness Technologies and later served as Ness Technologies' chief operating officer and corporate secretary. Since 2009, Ariel has been managing Greensol, an Israel-based clean energy company.

Baruch has served as a venture partner with Infinity-I-China, an equity investment company, since 2007. He previously served as president and CEO of B.O.S. and, before that, as executive vice president of business development for Ness Technologies and president of Ness Ventures.

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