Conergy Introduces New PV Module Warranty


Germany-based Conergy AG has introduced a new warranty for its PowerPlus modules called PremiumPlus.

As of Feb. 1, the product warranty will be extended to 12 years (including a linear performance guarantee). In addition, the warranty will feature new terms that Conergy says are more customer-friendly.

In the event of a warranty claim, the PremiumPlus terms promise that Conergy will meet the costs involved in inspection and replacement up to a certain amount, guarantee the provision of a replacement module of the same type within the product warranty period, accept assessments by objective experts and allow the warranty rights to be transferred to a third party.

Many warranty terms currently stipulate that the owner of the solar modules must pay for all incidental costs in the event of a warranty claim, Conergy notes. In a worst-case scenario, the end customer must pay not only for the modules' shipment to China and back, but also for all the costs involved in the replacement process. These costs may exceed the value of the affected solar module.

Each customer – or the installer, on the customer's behalf – must register the system with Conergy within 30 days of commissioning. To make a warranty claim, the owner contacts Conergy with his or her registration number, the company explains.

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1 month ago

Kind of pointless as NO ONE has the (apparent) ability to contact anyone at Conergy.