Cool Earth Solar, Sandia Partner On CPV Research


Sandia National Laboratories and Cool Earth Solar have entered a five-year Cooperative Research & Development Agreement to help pilot, characterize and validate Cool Earth Solar's inflated concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology.

The company's equipment will be located on a five-acre site known as the Clean Energy Demonstration Field at the Livermore Valley Open Campus (LVOC) in Livermore, Calif. The LVOC is a 110-acre parcel that spans the eastern sides of Sandia/California and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

One of Cool Earth Solar's units already has been set up, with dozens more planned over the next five years. The unit is connected to Sandia's power grid, and up to 500 kW of solar power could be provided to the labs by 2018, according to Sandia and Cool Earth Solar.

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