Critical Manufacturing Launches cmNAVIGO 2.0 Solar Edition


Critical Manufacturing SA has released cmNAVIGO 2.0 Solar Edition, an Internet-based manufacturing enterprise system.

Version one of cmNAVIGO was focused on modeling and execution flexibility in hierarchical WIP tracking, multi-level resource tracking, dispatching, engineering data collection, carrier, consumables and durables management. cmNAVIGO 2.0 introduces a complete set of quality management fully integrated features, including statistical process control, checklists and exceptions management, the company says.

cmNAVIGO 2.0 Solar edition has been customized to allow flexible modeling for all PV manufacturing materials, products and flows; advanced hierarchical material tracking with sub-material tracking – ideal for modeling batches and ingots, bricks or wafers, or for batch panels in thin-film lines; tracking and traceability of durables, such as crucibles; and manual and automatic data collection, with sampling, aggregations and calculations. The product also includes interactive, user-customizable dashboards with online production line status.

Critical Manufacturing SA: 35 1229446927

SOURCE: Critical Manufacturing SA

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