Digital Photonics Develops SolarJet Printer With VersaEtch


Digital Photonics Corp. has debuted the SolarJet printer, a system designed for the selective emitter application of front contacts on crystalline silicon PV cells.

According to the company, the SolarJet system is the first in the industry to use the new VersaEtch material – and etchant and n-dopant – from Trident Solar as a precursor to screen printing of front silver contacts. VersaEtch provides efficient and effective removal of the anti-reflective SiNx top layer, allowing for maximum contact between silver contacts and silicon, Digital Photonics says. It then works as an n-dopant as it penetrates the silicon emitter directly below the contacts.

This combination of etchant and dopant can match the enhanced cell efficiency (0.5% to 1.0%) and precise deposition performance (demonstrated 50 micron print) of other selective emitter approaches. Digital Photonics adds that the SolarJet printer simplifies offline process feasibility by making it possible for lab printing to quickly, accurately and cost-effectively gauge real-world performance benefits before making larger in-line investments.

The system has a throughput capability of 30 wafers per hour when manually loaded and unloaded, and up to 200 wafers per hour with the auto-loading system.

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