EU Commission Makes The Case For Binding RE Targets


The European Commission (EU Commission) has released its new renewable energy strategy, which makes the case for legally binding renewable energy targets for 2030, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) reports.

According to the EU Commission, the benefits of renewable energy mandates include the following:

Job creation. Strong renewable energy growth could generate over 3 million additional jobs by 2030.

Economic growth.
A continuation of an EU-wide renewable energy framework post-2020 would result in a net GDP growth of 0.36% to 0.40% by 2030.

Energy security. Increasing renewable energy generation decreases Europe's reliance on foreign sources of energy.

‘European ministers must turn this message into action and back a renewable energy target for 2030, as supported by the [renewable energy] strategy's impact assessment,’ notes Stephane Bourgeois, head of regulatory affairs at EWEA.

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