European Commission Launches Anti-Dumping Solar Glass Investigation


The European Commission has kicked off an anti-dumping investigation into imports of solar glass from China. The initiation is based on a complaint filed by EU ProSun Glass, which claims solar glass from China is being dumped in the European Union (EU) at prices below market value, causing material injury to the EU solar glass industry.

According to the commission, the investigation could take up to 15 months, although, under trade defense rules, the EU could impose provisional anti-dumping duties within nine months if it considers these necessary.

The EU solar glass market is valued at less than 200 million euros, the commission says. EU ProSun glass represents substantially more than 25% of EU glass production, thus meeting one of the legal requirements for the investigation to commence.

The commission will now send out questionnaires to various interested parties, such as exporting producers, EU producers, importers and associations. It will ask for information relating to the exports, production, sales and imports of solar glass.

On the basis of the information it has collected, the commission will establish if dumping has taken place and whether the injury claimed is a result of the dumped imports. This examination will also include other possible factors that might have contributed to the injury.

In addition, the commission will carry out the so-called Union interest test, which will consider whether the potential imposition of measures would be more costly to the EU economy as a whole than the benefit of the measures would be to the complainants.

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