Firm To Supply Gases To Thin-Film Solar Plant In Taiwan


BOC Lien Hwa (BOCLH) has been selected to supply high-purity gases to Taiwan's first large-scale thin-film solar cell manufacturing plant: NexPower in Taichung. The plant is expected to begin operations by the second quarter of 2008.

‘BOCLH is excited to be a part of this new and developing technology, which we believe will have an expanding role in Taiwan's power supply infrastructure in the coming years,’ says Alex Tong, president of BOCLH.

Under a long-term agreement, BOCLH will provide NexPower with turnkey installation of the special gases supply systems and ongoing delivery of the gases essential to making thin-film solar cells. These gases include large volumes of silane and hydrogen gas, used to deposit silicon light absorber layers on large sheets of glass, and cleaning gases used to remove silicon deposits from the process chambers.

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