Groups Partner To Raise Awareness Of Community Solar


The Community Power Network (CPN) has partnered with the All Points North Foundation (APNF) to educate the public about the benefits of community solar.

“Solar energy usage and awareness is gaining momentum as a real and viable energy source throughout the country,” says Laura Staich, executive director of APNF. “There is a critical need to share information and best practices from community to community, and CPN is working to address this need, helping communities focus their efforts to achieve success.”

CPN, which considers itself a national convener of locally based renewable energy advocates, says it will help citizens across the country better understand how community solar projects can generate wealth and create a democratic energy system in their communities. It will do so by developing and sharing in-depth profiles and success stories of CPN members, as well as of other innovative projects.

“It is daunting to face the challenges of creating community renewable energy alone,” comments Anya Schoolman, CPN executive director. “Citizens engaged in developing community-based renewable energy are operating on a very local level, often in isolation.”

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