Heliodyne Signs Sublicense Agreement With Alanod-Solar


Heliodyne Corp. has entered into a sublicense agreement with Alanod-Solar Inc. Under the terms of this agreement, Alanod-Solar will become the sublicensee of Heliodyne's rights to use a patent owned by Sandia Corp. for the laser welding of metal fins to metal tubes. The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Heliodyne uses the technology in the manufacturing of collectors for solar hot water systems. Alanod-Solar manufactures components for solar collectors and serves as a parts supplier to other solar collector manufacturers.

Heliodyne is currently the sole and exclusive licensee of Sandia's laser welding patent, U.S. Patent No. 6,300,591. Under the terms of its license with Sandia, Heliodyne may enter into sublicenses with other companies in the industry. However, because the laser welding technology is patented, competitors may not use the technology without a valid sublicense from Heliodyne.

SOURCE: Heliodyne Corp.

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