Heraeus Files Counterclaim Against DuPont In Patent-Infringement Duel


Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC, manufacturer of PV metallization pastes and other products, says it has filed its several counterclaims to a patent infringement lawsuit brought against the company by DuPont in June 2012.

Heraeus asserts that it is not infringing and has not infringed any valid claims of the patent in question. Heraeus further asserts that the patent in question is invalid and requests that the judge assigned to this case make a ruling declaring it to be invalid.

Within the past year, DuPont has filed two patent infringement lawsuits against Heraeus. Both suits are related to front-side metallization paste compositions used in solar cell technology. The most recent suit was filed in June.

Heraeus believes these suits are meritless and that DuPont is ‘attempting to attain a market advantage over Heraeus by achieving through legal means what it has failed to achieve in the marketplace through product performance and customer service.’

Heraeus' recent filing claims that DuPont has made public, false statements in press releases and in letters to customers to unlawfully discredit Heraeus' products in the marketplace and to threaten Heraeus' customers with legal action.

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