Ignite Solar Launches 1 MW Turnkey Solar Park Product


Ignite Solar, a developer of large-scale solar photovoltaic projects and a manufacturer of tracking systems, has introduced a 1 MW turnkey solar park for distributed installations. The design is scalable from 1 MW to 30 MW and delivers a distributed solution at the cost advantage of a large utility project, according to the company.

The Ignite 1 MW turnkey design uses large-format 2.6 meter x 2.2 meter amorphous silicon thin-film 360 W modules. The company notes that these modules are capable of performing well under diffused and indirect sunlight, and in diverse climatic conditions.Â

The modular 1 MW design is available in a fixed configuration or with Ignite's one-axis tracking system. The customizable mounting solutions are also able to accommodate many soil conditions with driven-pole, ground-screw, concrete and ballasted-foundation options.

SOURCE: Ignite Solar

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