Industry Vets Create Solar Freedom Now Organization With ASES


Ron Kenedi and Barry Cinnamon have partnered with the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) to create Solar Freedom Now (SFN). The organization's goal is to reduce the costs and paperwork associated with installing solar energy systems.

‘Solar systems cost twice as much in the U.S., compared to Germany,’ notes SFN co-founder Cinnamon, whose previous roles include serving as CEO of Westinghouse Solar. ‘This red tape is holding back the industry from creating even more jobs, driving innovation and building true energy security for our nation.’

‘I can tell you from personal experience – as well as 30 years in the solar industry – that we can install safe, code-compliant systems here in the U.S. just as fast as they do in Germany,’ adds SFN's other co-founder, Kenedi, who has worked in executive roles at LDK Solar and Sharp Solar. ‘All the extra time, paperwork and inspections simply add to the installed cost of our systems.’

SFN plans to take a national approach to reducing installation costs. The organization says its first goal is to generate widespread support for eliminating burdensome paperwork and red tape.

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