JA Solar Promises Little Impact From Module Tariffs


China-based JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. has issued a new statement regarding the preliminary decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) to impose anti-dumping duties on China-produced solar products.

JA Solar's modules, like those from many other Chinese companies, received a 31.18% tariff. CEO Peng Fang says he is ‘disappointed’ by the decision. Echoing the concerns stated by executives at other China-based manufacturers, he says that ‘setting barriers in the U.S. market to fair global trade will penalize U.S. customers and hinder the growth of the U.S. solar industry.’

‘In anticipation of the ruling, over the last several months, we moved quickly and effectively to establish new supply lines for cells and modules to support the needs of our U.S. customers, while ensuring that we had all the necessary quality-control systems and required certifications in place,’ Fang adds.

‘As a result, the vast majority of the products we have shipped to the U.S. since December 2011 will not be subject to tariffs under the terms laid out in the DOC's ruling,’ he continues. ‘Further, we believe that JA Solar is significantly less exposed than many of our peers to potential tariffs.’

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