JPSA Integrates New Laser Systems With Increased Speed


JP Sercel Associates Inc. (JPSA), a provider of laser micromachining, says it has expanded its processing capabilities.

Utilizing new laser beam delivery techniques with the latest pico-second lasers, JPSA says its laser systems are suitable for high-volume production facilities, including solar manufacturing.

JPSA's laser scientists have integrated pico-second laser systems at wavelengths ranging from UV to IR (355 nm – 1064 nm) to provide precision machining, cutting and hole drilling, with minimized thermal effects. Pico-second laser systems provide high peak energy intensity, resulting from the short pulse duration, enabling these lasers to increase coupling with materials that are typically transparent to lasers with longer pulse widths, the company says.

‘We have begun the first shipment of our IX-6168 Micromachining System configured with a pico-second laser and galvanometer to manufacturing customers,’ notes CEO Jeffrey Sercel.

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