Kalahari Greentech Notes Solar Collector Test Results


Kalahari Greentech Inc., an energy company focused on developing, constructing and operating solar and wind energy projects, says the Georgia Institute of Technology's Engineering Experiment Station has found the company's solar collector to be up to 74% efficient.

The collector was tested in accordance with procedures outlined by the National Bureau of Standards and provides the results of the tests, along with some general observations made while conducting the tests. The study remarks, ‘These tests indicate this collector to be capable of performing quite well and to compare favorably with high-quality competitive collectors.’

The solar collector uses all available wavelengths of light in its conversion process, whereas photovoltaic cells can only convert specific ranges of light into electricity, according to Kalahari Greentech. During the four-hour test, the lowest recorded efficiency of the Kalahari Solar Collector was 50% – still 300% more power than the average photovoltaic solution, the company says.

Based on the encouraging results of this independent test, Kalahari has begun the development of the Solar Tri-Brid system. The Tri-Brid is a standalone power generator that will produce electricity from the power gathered by the solar collector.

SOURCE: Kalahari Greentech Inc.

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