KCEC Installs 1.5 MW PV Array In New Mexico


The Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC) has installed a new 1.5 MW solar array in New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The project, called RCCLA Amalia Solar Array 1, will allow all businesses and residences in north central New Mexico to receive electricity provided by solar power on sunny days, according to KCEC.

The 14-acre array will add to power already being generated from the 1 MW concentrated photovoltaic array built near Questa, N.M.

Project partners include the Rio Costilla Cooperative Livestock Association (RCCLA), a group of ranchers that allowed the array to be built on their land; KCEC, a member-owned corporation supplying electricity to the region; Virginia-based Washington Gas Energy Systems, which will own and operate the system; and Standard Solar of Rockville, Md., which installed the system with project management by Paradise Power Co. of Taos, N.M., and support from Amalia Construction Co.

The system is a single-axis tracking solar system consisting of 5,280 solar panels.

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