Kee Safety Introduces Easi-Dec Solar Platform


Kee Safety Inc., based in Buffalo, N.Y., has debuted the Easi-Dec Solar Platform, an engineered hoist for lifting solar equipment to the roof of single- and two-story buildings. Designed for small-scale solar thermal installations, the platform features a lifting capacity of 165 lbs., the company says.

The Easi-Dec can be assembled from the ground up by two workers in less than 10 minutes and then easily lifted into position. With a load rating of 750 lbs. evenly distributed, the assembled system measures 6.5 feet long by 2.5 feet deep and is supported by adjustable telescopic legs.

Corrosion-resistant aluminum safety railings on the Easi-Dec Solar Platform are fitted with Kee Lite aluminum safety components and toe boards. The system complies with OSHA 1926.451 for construction scaffolds, as well as ANSI A10.8, ANSI/ASSE A14.2, and in Canada, CSA Z 797.09 and REG 213/91, the company adds.

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