Locus Energy To Launch Solar Forecasting Service


Locus Energy says it has developed a solar forecasting service based on its Virtual Irradiance software and features available in its SolarOS platform.

The forecasting service will be released initially as a short-term (0 to 6 hours) forecast tool capable of predicting solar irradiance and power across an install base or geographic region. Building on the latest research in artificial intelligence and remote sensing, the service projects cloud motion by applying patent-pending computer vision algorithms to real-time satellite imagery in order to forecast solar irradiance and power, the company explains.

Virtual Irradiance solar forecasts will be continuously validated and refined in real-time using data from Locus Energy's network of monitored solar installations and sensors.

Solar forecasting with Virtual Irradiance is scheduled to go live in the first quarter of 2013 and be offered both as a stand-alone data service and an add-on for all users of Locus Energy's SolarOS monitoring platform.

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