Madico Releases INSULUX HD Solar Photovoltaic Backsheets


Madico Inc. recently debuted its new Insulux HD backing sheet – the fourth Madico-branded backing sheet in the company's Protekt product family.

INSULUX HD material is based on a photovoltaic film that the company developed in conjunction with Honeywell. The key differentiator behind INSULUX HD, the company says, is the use of an ETCFE fluorpolymer film that is engineered to be highly resistant to degradation.

In concert with the new product release, Madico announced plans for new production facilities in the U.S. through contract manufacturing alliances, acquisitions, and the design and installation of additional machines. The company estimates that this investment will yield an additional 150% increase in capacity by 2009.

Madico: (800) 225-1926

SOURCE: Madico

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