Mage Solar Supplies Modules For Georgia PV Installation


Mage Solar, part of the globally operating Mage Group, has supplied its Powertec Plus 230/6 PI modules for a 95 kW solar PV roof installation on the facility headquarters of Dublin Construction Co. Inc. in Dublin, Ga.

The installation, which covers a quarter of an acre, is expected to eliminate power costs for the company, according to Mage Solar. Dublin Construction has been approved as a Green Energy Provider by Georgia Power and will be paid back $0.17/kWh fed into the electrical grid. In addition, the company is set to receive a 30% tax credit based on the total installed costs of the PV system.

Dublin Construction also plans to now offer solar PV installation services to its residential and commercial clients. The company's roofing division has used this installation process as part of a hands-on training project and mounted the racking and modules themselves, outsourcing only the electrical-installation component to a local electrical company.

SOURCE: Mage Solar

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