Mecasolar Introduces Horizontal Single-Axis Solar Tracker


Spain-based Mecasolar, a designer, manufacturer and supplier of solar trackers, fixed structures and foundation screws, has introduced a new 140 kW horizontal single-axis solar tracker.

According to the company, the tracker's modular, low-height structure allows for a simple assembly process that does not require cranes or lifting equipment, thus saving time. The assembly of the tracker is faster than that of a fixed-mount system, and the unit can increase a system's power output by 30%, depending on the latitude of the location, over that of fixed systems.

All parts are held together with fasteners, and no welding is required, the company adds. The tracker can have up to 12 axes moved by a single motor, and each axis can carry up to 48 modules, with 11.6 kW per axis.

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