Mecasolar Introduces Polar-Aligned PV Tracker


Mecasolar, a Spain-based company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of solar trackers, fixed structures and foundation screws, has launched the MS-1EP, a new polar-aligned PV tracker.

According to the company, the tracker can drive up to 114.4 kWp with a single controller and motor, thus reducing the costs per installed watt. The new product allows easy transport and installation because it is fully modular and scalable, which means that final assembly can be done at the location.Â

The tracker carries up to 44 tilted axes on a north-south line on which the PV panels rotate. Each axis can carry a total of 2.6 kW, and all are interconnected via a transmission bar. One motor can drive up to 730 square meters of PV panels, the company says.

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