meteocontrol Now Developing And Constructing RE Measurement Stations


meteocontrol GmbH, based in Augsburg, Germany, has expanded its renewable energy product portfolio to include the development and system construction of entire measurement stations for mobile and stationary operation.

The company's first project in this new area is to plan and construct three measurement stations on the Caribbean island of Martinique for France-based power production company Secilienne-Sidec. The measurement system is equipped with the latest data entry and data processing facilities to analyze the local meteorological values on-site in order to evaluate a suitable location for the construction of further high-power photovoltaic projects.

The portable measurement stations, which have been configured especially for use on the Caribbean island, will record solar energy irradiation data at different locations continuously and with a high resolution, the company says. The automatically recorded data is then used as the basis for determining the effective climate for a locally restricted area.

SOURCE: meteocontrol GmbH

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