N.M. Governor Issues Green Economy Executive Order


Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M., has issued an executive order designed to spur the development of New Mexico's renewable energy economy. The announcement was made at SCHOTT Solar's Albuquerque headquarters.

The executive order carries out recommendations and goals detailed in the report developed by the governor's Green Jobs Cabinet, which identified five immediate goals for the state to realize its full green economy potential.

According to the governor's office, these goals are to become a leader in renewable energy export; to become the center of the North American solar sector, including research and development, manufacturing and project installations; to lead the nation in green grid innovation; to continue being a leader in green building and energy efficiency; and to have an educational system that prepares New Mexico students for jobs in green technologies.

The executive order involves several state agencies, including the Economic Development Department; the Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department; the New Mexico Environmental Department; the Indian Affairs Department; the New Mexico Department of Agriculture; Department of Workforce Solutions; Public Education Department; and Higher Education Department.

Richardson also announced the release of the New Mexico Green Jobs Guidebook, which provides an overview of green occupations, their education requirements, and resources available at New Mexico colleges and universities. The guidebook is available here.

In addition, Richardson plans to seek legislation to expand the state's renewable energy production tax credit during the upcoming legislative session. The expansion will double the available credit for solar generators, to 1 million MWh.

SOURCE: Office Of Governor Bill Richardson

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