Ontario Apple Orchard Now Home To Solar Installation


Algoma Orchards Ltd., an independently owned apple grower and packer in Canada, is now hosting a 543 kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof of its processing facility.

The project was developed by CarbonFree Technology Inc. The system itself is owned and operated by BrightRoof Solar LP, a partnership formed in 2010 by CarbonFree and Connor Clark & Lunn Infrastructure to develop, own and operate at least $100 million of solar power systems across Ontario.

The system uses 1,940 polycrystalline silicon modules, manufactured by MEMC in Newmarket, Ontario. The modules are mounted at a 10-degree angle on ballasted racking made by SunEdison Canada in Scarborough, Ontario, and the system output is converted to AC electricity using three inverters made by PV Powered in Mississauga, Ontario.

The system was installed over an eight-week period by RESCo Energy Inc., which will also provide long-term operations and maintenance. The power produced by the project will be fed into the grid under a 20-year feed-in tariff contract with the Ontario Power Authority.

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